A-Spot Sex Positions

According to mature escorts provides equal or better stimulation and pleasure than G-Spot. A-spot stimulation is very different than G-spot, because of its location and its structure.

  1. spot is a patch between your cervix and bladder which has high sensitive nerve endings providing long orgasms when stimulated.

ebony escorts vegas say that G-spot can be harder to find but the A-spot is located on the same position in every woman,s vagina and there are several techniques and sex positions you can use to get better a-spot sex stimulation.

While G-spot is used for better orgasms and stimulation, but due to ease in reaching A-spot you can get intense and deeper sensations and the best part of A-spot stimulation is you can use some special sex toys during sex and foreplay to get a better orgasms than G-spot stimulation.

Here are some A-spot sex positions that escorts recommend, to get higher and better orgasms and pleasure with A-spot stimulation.

  • Superwoman:- superwoman is a good sex position that all ebony escorts in las vegas recommend for a deeper A-spot stimulation as in this position your partner gets a great angle to penetrate deeper into your vagina and giving sensations to both G-spot and A-spot at the same time for better orgasms and pleasure.
  • Zodiac:- Zodiac is a little tough position for first-timers as it needs a good lower body strength but trying this position will help you get the best pleasure of your sex life through A-spot orgasmic stimulation.

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